Posted by: altfuelfan | June 16, 2007

Biodiesel Generator Powers Texas Town

A Texas Community just north of Houston has a biofuel powered generator running as a backup power source for the city offices and at least part of the urban city. The generator is powered by biodiesel created from chicken fat produced by a nearby biodiesel facility. The are actually 3 generators that are all attached to the ERCOT power grid.

The generators sell electricity back into the grid primarily during peak demand times and will provide electricity to a small area should there be a power outage in the same area. The Chicken Fat Biodiesel is produced by Safe Renewables energy – Safe Renewables Corporation (SRC) is emerging as one of the leading biodiesel producers and marketers in North America and is a major enabler of the green energy revolution

.biodiesel generator

Posted by: altfuelfan | June 16, 2007

Flexible Fuel Vehicles

It would seem that America’s love with the automobile has resulted in a fatal attraction to fossil fuel. Petroleum based fuels have been in use for many years and the supply is running short. The USA must wean itself from the dependence on gasoline, reformulated or otherwise and, that means a move to alternative fuel power. Alternative fuels include ethanol, biodiesel, hydrogen, wind power, and solar power just to name a few. Alternative fuels are not new, they just have not been utilized to any great extent. There are various reasons for this including cost and the fact that there aren’t many FFV‘s on the road today that are capable or burning flexible fuels.


The rising price of gasoline

At least, that’s the way it has been; this situation is changing due to increased demand and interest in renewable energy. President George W Bush has implemented a demand to increase alternative fuel usage over the next few years but, some people have their doubts that we can achieve that goal. Organizations such as OPEC and Petrolem Refineries like Exxon are getting rich because we burn so much gasoline. Brazil has a large infrastructure on sugar cane ethanol and burns much less fossil fuel based gasoline.

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